Some people have gotten back to me regarding issues on the links of some of my mixes giving problems so I’ve re-uploaded them to a different filehost. So far I’ve only re-uploaded these 2 since they were requested for so if anyone wanna request for some other mixes to be re-uploaded. do let me know

Bastard Child Mix (Mash-up):

Nonsequitur vs C0rnelius – All Tranced Out (D&B):



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DJ Cornelius Presents Infinatum Datum

A new year and a new brand new mix from me! 


DJ Cornelius Presents Infinatum Datum 

1. L Plus vs. Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Of 
2. The Qemists – Stompbox (Spor Remix) 
3. Spor – Stoppit 
4. Noisia – Diplodocus 
5. Misanthrop – Viperfish VIP 
6. Black Sun Empire – Firing Squad (SKC Remix) 
7. Ill Skillz – Genesis 
8. Mistabishi – Greed 
9. System – Near Miss 
10. Vent – Silicon Age 
11. Clipz feat. Shiv – Loud & Dirty 
12. Prolix – Twisted Angel 
13. Chase & Status – Smash TV 
14. Noisia – Stigma 
15. Mistabishi – Printer Jam 
16. Telemetrik – Magnet 
17. Jamal – Earth 
18. TC feat. Sub Focus – Borrowed Time VIP 
19. DJ Fresh – Gold Dust 

Running Time: 01:00:46 

Download/Stream at: 

Recommended to listen with the volume up! 

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Another great blog link..

I’ve discovered that has also bigged up my From Rio To Toa Payoh mix. Check out the site for more great mixes (aside from mine, of course!)

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Bastard Child – A Mash Up Mix By DJ C0rnelius

After 2 hard-hitting drum & bass mixes, it’s time to step back and do something for the masses. I’ve always been a fan of mash-ups, otherwise known as bastard pop (hence the name of the mix) and I’ve decided to put most of my favourite mash-ups in one mix. I’ve got too much material of mash-ups that I’m sure I’ll be able to do a volume 2 for this! This was fun and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too! Plus, I figured how to insert album art into my mixes now so when you play this in your iPod or any media player for that matter, it’ll show the artwork! How nifty is that??

Genre: Mash-Up/Bastard Pop


01. DJ C0rnelius’s Intro
02. Galvanize The Empire (John Williams VS The Chemical Brothers)
03. Sex Kiss Machine (James Brown VS Prince)
04. Yeah Bites Us (Usher VS Queen)
05. Another One Bites The Funk (Daft Punk VS Queen)
06. Don’t Cha Dance (The PussyCat Dolls VS David Bowie)
07. My Hollaback Girl Humps (Gwen Stefani VS The Black Eyed Peas)
08. Hollaback Thriller Girl (Gwen Stefani VS Michael Jackson)
09. Promiscuous With You (Nelly Furtado VS Michael Jackson)
10. I Feel Crazy (Gnarls Barkley VS Donna Summer)
11. Satisfaction In Da Club (50 Cent VS Benny Benassi)
12. Can’t Get You To Shut Up (The Black Eyed Peas VS Kylie Minogue)
13. Pump Up The Jam Like I Love You (Justin Timberlake VS Technotronic)
14. Like I Punk You (Missy Elliot VS Justin Timberlake)
15. Genius Of London (Fergie VS Tom Tom Club)
16. D.A.N.C.E Like A Record (Justice VS Dead Or Alive)
17. Somebody Rock Me (The Killers VS The Clash)
18. Sweet Home Country Grammar (Nelly VS Lynyrd Skynyrd)
19. Blvd Of Broken Songs (Green Day VS Oasis VS Travis VS Aerosmith)
20. Every Car You Chase (Snow Patrol VS The Police)

Running Time: 01:13:13

Download/Stream At Bastard Child – A Mash Up Mix By DJ C0rnelius


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From Rio To Toa Payoh Got Some Props!

It seems my baile funk mix, From Rio To Toa Payoh has been getting love from all over the world wide web.

First up,, a leading dubstep blog/news site must have loved the mix so much to feature it on their website even though it’s not a dubstep mix!

It was also an honour for me to be highlighted on RioBaileFunk which is one of, if not the best website out there catering strictly to Baile Funk/Funk Carioca music. This was where I get my resources and learn more about the music itself. So it was a blast when they featured my mix on it. Much love to DJ Rideon AKA Timo, the man running it!

Finally, neighbours and fellow electronic/dance music enthuasists, Foundation KL not only highlighted the mix but gave a flattering review to boot! Plus I love the comments! Props to Raj for the hook-up and Suffian Kamo for the recommendation!

Thanks to those who has highlighted the mix on their sites and much love to those who has linked it, downloaded it, listened to it and left comments on it. Will definitely drop more Baile Funk mixes in the near future!

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Nonsequitur + C0rnelius Presents All Tranced Out On Bass

For this one, I joined forces with a fellow local D&B DJ and friend, Kevin AKA Nonsequitur. Government educator by day, basshead by night, we shared our common love for “Trance & Bass”, a subgenre where drum & bass basslines intertwined with trance vibes and uplifting synths.



Genre: Drum & Bass

01. Ben Sage – All About You VIP
02. Bcee and Lomax – Dust ’til Dawn
03. DBA vs John B – Falling 2005 (John B Remix)
04. D Kay – Sunrise
05. Muffler – Embrace
06. Sunchase Feat. Yanna Kay – Remember Me
07. State of Mind – Dune
08. John B – Forever (Hard 12″ mix)
09. Ben Sage – Just a Minute (Subsonik VIP)
10. Concord Dawn – Blow
11. Concord Dawn – Morning Light (Klute Remix)
12. Illskillz – Forgive Myself (D Kay Remix)
13. Illskillz – Bowser
14. Muffler – Falling
15. Ben Sage Feat. Savvy – Sleepless VIP
16. Pendulum – Spiral
17. Subsenix – Fiendin
18. 17th BLVD – Memories
19. Opus III – It’s A Fine Day (DSF Remix)
20. Task Horizon – Lose Myself
21. Dumonde – Human (Illskillz Remix)

Running Time: 01:28:23

Download/Stream At Nonsequitur + C0rnelius Presents All Tranced Out On Bass


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NOVA : A Drum & Bass Mix

Genre: Drum & Bass


1. Papua New Guinea – High Contrast Vs FSOL
2. Be True – Commix
3. She Lied – Mistabishi
4. Tears – Matrix & Futurebound
5. Fall – Spirit
6. The Panties (Zero Tolerance RMX) – Mos Def
7. The Light (Brooke Brothers RMX) – Common
8. Disco Dodo – Lynx
9. Slipstream (Logistics RMX) – Friction & Nu Balance
10. F Zero – Brooke Brothers
11. Something Good 2008 (High Contrast RMX) – Utah Saints
12. System (Matrix & Futurebound RMX) – Nu:Tone Feat. Natalie Williams
13. Labyrinth – Danny Byrd
14. Sleepless – High Contrast
15. Disconnected – Cyantific
16. Blinking WIth Fists – Baron
17. Screamer VIP – RAM Trilogy
18. Join The Dots – SubFocus
19. Brazil – Chase & Status
20. Nobody Gets Out Alive – High Contrast
21. Oh Yeah – Jonny L
22. 25th Floor (Marky & Bungle VIP) – Bungle
23. Open Your Eyes (Marky & Bungle RMX) – Snow Patrol

Running Time: 01:14:41

Download Link: DJ C0rnelius – NOVA

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